Remove Windows Activation Product

1.Open your regedit RUN > REGEDIT
2.Find key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents
3.see the string OOBETimer
4.Double click.change all content with this one FF D5 71 D6 8B 6A 8D 6F D5 33 93 FD
5.Right Click on WPAEvents(Regedit)and choose Permissions
6.Window will show up,click to System and check all of Deny Listbox
7.Restart Your PC



  1. trd Said:

    thanks 4 ur such a genius crack… i hope i’ll meet u… thanks

    • anonymous Said:

      this isnt a crack dumbass… its to remove the little pop up thing that reminds u to activate windows… its annoying and de-maximizes windows media player…

      • Mr. X Said:

        I think he meant crack by ”you are a crack”. Dont call poeple dumbass upon this..communication noob!

    • Kevin Ward Said:


      • WatsUrName2 Said:

        Thanks in the 1st place. I have the same problem too. It tells me i don’t have a genuine windows,

    • hey i tried but i am not going beyond the current i cant find wpa events can u plz help

    • You DUMBASS Said:

      didn’t work dumbass!

  2. bh Said:

    i cant believe how simple this was….
    ive spent 3hrs looking on yahoo for cracks and nothing worked except for this.
    OMG !!! i want ur autograph!! mail me!YEEE CHEERS! WOOHooooOo

  3. Monksey Said:

    Just to let you know it worked, fantastic, well done.

  4. Lex Said:

    so annoying for windows to keep on asking you to validate your copy. We ar already connected to the internet why cant they just check as to how many computers of the same registration key is on line just like how steam works. Rather than forcing us to buy a new software every time we upgrade which is annoying

  5. DJ Said:

    Works like a charm..

  6. Desperadp Said:

    Sweet man – real sweet! thanks alot

  7. Justin Said:

    Needless to say this doesn’t work with Media Center Edition. If you run across one that does, email me at

  8. steve Said:

    Hi there

    i did this hack on windows xp home edition. i no longer get the activation prompt but i cannot run the activation product at all from the start command to tell me that im already registrered and the WPAevents registry key is completely empty (no oobetimer). am i to take this that this the normal set of outputs and i won’t need to activate win xp?

    any advice would be appreciated


    • Jonas Said:


      Have you tried this one:

      – Click on Start and then Run.
      – In the text box in the Run window, type the following command and click OK.
      %systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a


      • Naveed Said:

        I have exactly followed the article but I am sorry to say that I could’nt find the WPAEvent …..
        I am using Vista Enterprise .. any help ??

        Thanks in advance ..

  9. gary Said:

    brilliant!! u r a genius man. it jus worked like a charm. thanks heaps u jus saved me a lot of pain. love u.

  10. Curt Said:

    OK that is brilliant, i have been looking for a way to get rid of it for ages now and that worked without a hitch, plus if you try to activate windows again, it will tell you its already activated.
    Thanks man.

  11. mad garden Said:

    O.K its brilliant BUT in media center edition doesn’t work.
    the computer boot all the time every 2 minutes….
    i try again in home edition and it works fine until now….

    respect my friend you are genius..;-}}}

  12. [ [ :a m a r a h : ] ] Said:

    ty so much ^^

  13. Daniel Said:

    it does not work because if you fast foward your clock by 30 days it say that it’s been activated but it won’t let you log in i tried it

    • Mayank Said:

      you can use safe mode to open your registry settings

      • seb bach Said:

        yeah daniel is right, its like a trial version after 30 days it will prompt again “…windows is not activated” or ” you have xx days left to activate etc.”. you can open in safe mode after that what next???

  14. Coz Said:

    Daniels right this method removes the annoying pop up asking you to activate but does not disable the timer when 30 days is up it will not allow you to log in

    • Yah! 😦

      • I mean Yeah! 😦

      • Ron Said:

        When I did this, it changed my activation time to activate from 30 days to 3531692 days. It has been 8 days and it counted down to3531684. If that goes past the 30 day period, I have a lot of time to use it. I’ll just wait and see.

    • Ron Said:

      I typed the line in the Regedit and now recieve no warnings about activation. However, I ran Start>All Programs> Activate Windows and got the 3 options to do it. It alsaid, After 3531692 days you must activate Windows before you can continue to use it. If that is correct, I have a long time to use it. It did say I would continue to get warnings to activate. I’ll wait to see if I get the warnings and how many days they say.

      • Ron Said:

        I still haven’t got a warning to activate it yet after 8 days.

  15. Jabba Said:


  16. Ali Said:

    I have home edition, but it didn’t work 😦 I have only 1 day left so all help are accepted :s

  17. Johnnyb Said:

    Yeah damn.. I’m down to 35minutes left.. 😦

  18. Barry Said:

    Just tried this on home edition!!

    Worked a treat!!! Thank you soooooooo much!

  19. HM13 Said:

    Works great!!!!!! on win Xp 64 thanks!!!!!!

  20. Core Said:

    URGENT HELP PLEASE!!! I did these steps which removed the notification but now it is after teh 30 days and I no longer can log in. Any fix for this now? I cannot get past login screen now.

  21. Daniel Said:

    Hi, Just wondering would this work on windows vista 32bit home basic as I have 2 days left till activation cos i swopped motherboards.
    Cheers Dan

  22. marty Said:

    ok i did everything u said to do but im still gettin the message that i have to activate windows in 3 days

  23. approved Said:

    BRILLIENT… Works a treat

  24. anand Said:

    Brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful tip with us.

  25. tony Oz Said:


  26. franklinrose Said:

    I have already tried this method but it only removes the pop-up message/notification from Microsoft, but it does not really remove the file that execute to lock ur system to log in…. My question is???? “how would u really remove all files ???? when you adjust your time/day to a 30 days, you will be locked! =( so damn….

  27. Jedaven Said:

    Thank you 4 this !!!!!!!

  28. RebelRunner Said:

    Well…I won’t exagerate and call this brilliant. Your basically just telling to computer not to let the program run. You can take this a step further and have what your computer will “think” is the real deal. However, since I forgot how to even get this far…I owe you. Thanx foe the accurate fix to this problem.

  29. Vinicius Said:


  30. Robert Stengel Said:

    Fools1 Changing your mac adress to what his is will let him acess your computer This is a terrible crack!

  31. Nahmias Said:

    I managed to get to this location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\Current Version\WPAEvents

    The problem is the WPAEvents folder contains no ‘OOBETimer’ at all!!!!

    Is there a cause for this? Is rhere anything i can do??

  32. MARKO Said:


  33. Dewamaru Said:

    this doesnt work, it only temporary removes the activation, but the timer is still active and after 30days you lose access to your computer. sorry, but this isnt a real hack just a way of getting rid of the activation window. DOESNT REMOVE ACTIVATION so dont even bother trying this method and try and find another way. everyone who does this will be screwed after 30 days if you dont find another way

  34. intenerd Said:

    I have spent all day looking for something that actually WORKS and now I’ve found it.

    Thank you very much!!!!

  35. geothermalcat Said:

    Worked a Charm!! Thankyou very much dude!


  36. greatful Said:

    Thank you very much! It worked

  37. Naman Said:

    You know, I would Rather choose to pay you than Microsoft for this Activation Thing… If I really able to.

  38. Th3_Und3rtak3r Said:

    this is fu*kin awsesome…it work…great job dude

  39. best best u are genius im proud of u

    pls contact me

  40. Abhishek Said:


    Thanks very much for this straight and effective solution.

    Finally Worked

  41. Lee Said:

    A real help, things like this is what makes the internet great!

    Thanks again, you created some real value for myself and others it seems =)

  42. troj Said:

    ei..great job..your a genius….keep it up…


    this is why I love the internet

    thank you very much

  44. Compmonkey Said:

    WAKE UP!!

    It does NOT work. Quit thanking this guy. It only disables the activation popup – not the program itself.

    You will still get locked out!!

  45. brainbow Said:

    hh yeah…great…hhh any more brute sick microfuck knowledge ?

  46. brainbow Said:

    after do that prompt ” oobe/msoobe /a ” & u will see it works…

  47. Hamza b Said:

    Thank you so much, this worked, keep up the good work!

  48. dan Said:

    ive known about this in my registry for a couple years, but i never thought it would affect anything…

    …until you showed me the deny permissions thing. thangs, thats what i was missing from the picture

    keep up the good work

  49. Nabeel Said:

    That was super cool !
    Thanks a ton ! \,,/

  50. Nertil Said:

    For xp works and for Vista it’s not the same ..??
    can somebody help me with thiss??.. 😛

  51. dark.mage Said:






  52. torrenthater Said:

    This really work. Never thought it would be that easy.

    In case anybody wanna check if it works, just do this..type “oobe/msoobe /a” …at RUN…click OK…and it will display “WINDOWS ACTIVATED”

    Thanks a lot mann!!

  53. Adam Said:

    It does not work.

    I got a message this morning saying my copy of windows needs to be activated in 7 days.

    It may get rid of the annoying message pestering you to activate, but obvioulsy it doesn’t disable the activation

  54. Juha Said:

    Hienosti toimiva ohjelma! It works just fine. Juha from Finland.

  55. Juha Said:

    EIpä taida toimia ei. Poistaa siis vain valituksen, mutta 30 päivän päästä kone lukittautuu. Hitsi.



  57. day2soft Said:

    how to activate windows xp tablet 2005 help me ?

  58. Joe Said:

    I tried this hack and also checked the the activation prompt”oobe/msoobe /a” and said “Windows is already activated. I have got 29 days left from my initial prompt will let you how it responds after 29 days until than

    cheers and thanks dude

  59. does it really work?

  60. bianca Said:

    i did the steps and the notification is gone,i’ve done the prompt ”oobe/msoobe /a” and it says the windows is actvated,but reading this messages now i became unsure tha if this really works or not,how to be sure that my windows is not going to lock after 30 days? how to go to event viewer?please help

  61. bianca Said:

    genius guy please help me in his matter,you already have my e-mail,contact me please.
    thank you

  62. Calvin Said:

    woot. I finally activated my windows. not with this guide though. check my post here.

  63. pnyet Said:

    it’s does not work,
    i have windows xp sp3 licensed

    but im trying ur tips. and this is make me reinstall, why?

    because im believe with ur tips, but does not work.

    i have problem can’t log on to before activated this product.

    i hope do you have research before posting.

    im prefer than linux family, because is secure… and no need activation code :))


  64. Plakao Said:

    Great and an easy way to remove WAP. Thank you so much

  65. Highwayman Said:

    Used it to deactivate Windows SBS 2003 when I checked to see if it was activated it replied it was already activated – so it works.

    Much appreciated

  66. bootsie Said:

    didnt wurk just got rid of onscreen prompt. cut computer off 3 days later and was asked to activate!!!!

  67. woodtable80 Said:

    All you guys praising the crack……… have you’ll ever waited to see what happens after 30 days…. then pls leave a comment again…. WHETHER IT REALLY WORKS OR NOT!!!!!!!!

  68. nemo Said:

    indeed it DOES NOT work as said above!!!!!!

  69. baloon baloon Said:

    This is a Joke
    After 30 days appear a message to activate and again the message is already activacted, and agin activate and again is already activacte…. this is a Joke and this solution not work.

  70. Shubhamoy Said:

    Thanks a lot. Really amazing.
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  71. Justdane Said:

    I just want to say tanks, and give u big kiss for u help, beijo

  72. bobocan Said:

    Genius! it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Ken Said:

    You rock, it works!!! I have a legitimate copy of xp and I really got sick of waiting on the phone to talk to someone that can barely speak english to activate windows.


  74. b Said:

    It works! And if u want to check-it, change the date on your computer + 45 day and u will see that it works, or type in run : oobe/msoobe /a and it will show u that windows is activated.


    • Rickinator Said:

      so what happens if it didnt work and i change the date? do i get locked out?

  75. Gowtham Said:

    Brilliant !!
    You are a great pirate!

  76. n4pzt0r Said:

    Well mabye it works for some people but it didnt work for me, i did eveything as you said and my computer still wants me to activate, i only have 4 days left. would be nice if someone could help me, or just link me someone where i could re-set the countdown its really pissing me off ..


  77. Need_a_cold_onE Said:

    It does not work. I tried it with a copy of XP Pro SP1 and was able to only disable the activation prompt. Skipped my system time ahead one year and it does not work! Luckily I ran this on a test system first.

  78. Joe Bucci Said:

    Yeah, what’s up with that. It stops the “nag”, but STILL expires!! Come on, lets get a REAL Activator that WORKS… PERMANENTLY!!

    I suppose I could just re-install every 28 days. There’s GOT to be a way around this!


  79. shirwan Said:

    haw can ia remove the note which appear durint logon my computer ,the note written (activate the pvoduct key) my windows is vista….please help me…

  80. Dj Chris Said:

    Thx dear really great thx hpe ur power of helping people will make god bless you once again really thx thx thx thx

  81. Magic Said:

    you guys are all fools.
    See you in 30 days!!
    This does not work permanently

  82. Gowtham Said:

    Yeah it just makes the activation alert to be disable. But it still runs on the background. This is not a permanent FIX.

    I finally found a great solution for this. Just download this crack and run it.. Hurray!!!

  83. Soulfire92 Said:

    U ARE DAMN COOL !!!! IT WORKS !!!!!

  84. purav Said:

    dint work for me…:( my windows has already expired, i did this in the safe mode…my windows doesnt open in the normal mode anymore…only in safe mode…

    any solutions?

  85. Pam Said:

    Thank you very much you are genius….

  86. Kyraa Said:

    doesnt work for me..

    please how to remove it ?

    i used win xp home edition sp 2 original.

    thnaks. mail me ok.

  87. Jayesh Said:

    i have done the need full it dosent ask for activation
    its fantastic
    thank u so much

  88. ignatius Said:

    waow…. it’s ferry brilian…
    thanx full for u…

  89. Hazza Said:

    Copy the following in a Notepad, set to all files and safe as .REG extention
    Double click and see if it works. I found it on the web and with me it worked

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents]

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion]
    “CurrentBuild”=”1.511.1 () (Obsolete data – do not use)”

  90. Thank you very much for this!

  91. biggy Said:

    hi computer wiz great great its works thanks alot.
    dose not ask for activation keys.
    regards. biggy

  92. SPIKE Said:

    This stuff works thank you

  93. mark Said:

    we should make you a king among all men

  94. HELPPLEASE Said:

    Hey folks:

    windows genuine advantage (or wpa, not sure which) was installed on the computer, with a copy of windows xp pro: is there any way to get my system up and running again without having to format? i’ve spent hours googling…but have come up with no answers. any last minutes suggestions would be great. thanks!

  95. AzazelCrey Said:


  96. asri Said:

    Help i unable to find the OOBE timer , using vista enterprise pls help.

  97. Master Said:

    Yeah this is awesome! I removed the activation from Windows XP Home Edition. Thanks a lot! This is way better than all the cracks out there that are just malware!

    You should get nobel price for this ;DDDDDD

  98. Old Parr Said:


    This tutorial doesn’t work. It only disable the notifications to activate windows. After the 30 days you won’t be able to login.

    I used this file:

    Work’s fine for me!

    P.S. – If you can’t login because the 30 days have passed, you can log in safe mode and run the file 😉

  99. zackJack Said:

    tima kasih, bgs la ko ni…

  100. zackJack Said:

    tima kasih, bgs la ko ni… otak geliga mcm hang tuah… hang tuah pn xsehebat ko…haha, ok la bye…

  101. aidy Said:

    btol btol btol….
    baguih la hang ni….ceqq suke betol…

  102. Cezarlz Said:

    Great work. running xp pro in virtual machines, this worked as a sweet cake. thanks !!!!!!

  103. Optimus Said:

    Hey folks,

    I am running XP in VMware, did this teweak and it works fine for now but I am worried about the other posts that I saw that say that it re-appears after 30 days. Can someone PLEASE verify???

    Thanks in advance…



  105. fillatte Said:

    this is so simple that as a linux and mac userI could convert to windows…if I would not know better. Thanks dude superb work

  106. J Said:

    Great work, seems to do the trick! cheers.

  107. Martin Said:

    U morons it does not work, see you in 30 days 🙂

    • John Said:

      Dude,, (and all interested…)
      It does work. I did this last year and it workrd fine. No worries!

  108. Mochammad Wachid Said:

    Thanks Buddy…..
    AWESOME !!!

  109. kuwat Said:

    how to change activation code window, if before logged on windows xp?

  110. andrej panak Said:

    you are a genius i am sanding my thanks from slovakia

  111. Fools Said:

    Fools this works, if it doesn’t you didn’t type in the info correctly OR changed the privileges for the registry you fools!!!

  112. juanxsoftarc Said:

    i love my blue films…..thx

  113. danielle and terry Said:


  114. Shane Said:

    Thank you so much!!! Its so AWESOME!!! U r the best!!!
    Best hack I ever seen!!

  115. blk Said:

    Yeah, alright, have fun doing this and talk to me in 30 days…

  116. ballen Said:

    might not work with home ediion

    but it works 100% with XP pro even 1 year after 😛
    i have never been asked for 30 days activation on XP pro, on home yes, XP no

    maybe that is why it works flawless on XP pro then 😀

  117. venu&banga Said:

    Thnx bro,Good work keep it up

  118. Niroshana Yapa Said:

    Nice work Bro.
    We were searching all over the internet about this.

    Thank you very much for your info.


  119. one_time_poster Said:


  120. one_time_poster Said:


  121. reds Said:

    OMG!!!!!! WHAT HAPPEN TO YOU GUYS??? THIS CRAP DOESN’t WORKS!!!! i happen to be using this tutorial it really said that my windows were activated, but when you log on your pc’s/laptop then a message box will appear asking you to activate and shows the remaining days….

    and then i use this guy tips… and it works!!!

    “Old Parr Said:

    on March 25, 2009 at 4:54 am


    This tutorial doesn’t work. It only disable the notifications to activate windows. After the 30 days you won’t be able to login.

    I used this file:

    Work’s fine for me!

    P.S. – If you can’t login because the 30 days have passed, you can log in safe mode and run the file 😉 “

  122. Thanks for

  123. Kryzia Mae Aranda Said:

    IT did not work, it says windows already activated, click ok, and then when i clicked ok it log me off again.

  124. krishan Said:

    Thanks 4 the crack

  125. van muhara Said:


  126. Aiyyappan Said:


    It’s really superb. You are great. No words to praise you sir.

  127. afbr Said:

    as others have said this only suppresses the warning box. I changed my bios date to 2 months later, booted and am forced into an activation. changed it back to today’s date and still have the forced activation. So, I need to reinstall!

    Does NOT WORK on Win2K3!!!!

  128. mr. x Said:

    I used it on a 2003 Small business server, the activation is not done, but i have 120.492.439 Days time before my Windows expired. I can live with that 😉

  129. Danny Said:

    Did not work with XP Professional SP 3.

  130. kenny Said:

    this doesn’t work again. you need to make an updated guide. the WPAEvents things doesn’t even exist anymore

  131. bala Said:

    great man ……. this rocks

  132. loi Said:

    do NOT do this!! you will be screw!! all it does is disable the notification but after 30 days you will NOT be able to log on to your PC!!

  133. Bill Said:

    Do NOT do this!

    1. The key doesn’t exist anymore. [:-)]

  134. Mark Said:

    hey when i disabled, after like 3 months, when i booted the PC, there was no operating system found. all memory was corrupt
    email me at and tell me whether it was the disablement’s fault or my disk’s fault because the disk is like 10 years old.

  135. BeachBum Said:

    @ “this doesn’t work again. you need to make an updated guide. the WPAEvents things doesn’t even exist anymore”


    It’s (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents) GONE!

    Now What. No hurry, I’ve got 3 days left…

  136. blah Said:

    tell me, does this work or not? XP service pack 2

  137. Hard Life Said:

    Great. I was searcing for a friend like you over the net. I am so fond of you. I was makin a livin 4 my wife n baby daughter by runninin factroy backup on my acer laptop n installin them to other peoples crashed laptops for a little payment. activation was require n you really help me out. I am a Economics student n I really need you help in helpin me get through this tough times. Please email me with tips in fixin laptops so I can support my baby daughter.

  138. Awan Said:

    I want this for windows server 2008, PLz PLz tell me …….!!!
    thanks advance

  139. sandrar Said:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  140. Bonnie M Said:

    A HUGE THANK YOU!!!! hard drive crashed, and msoft’s telephone auto service told me to go back to distributer (which is now out of business)
    cheers – Bonnie

  141. zerofirefox Said:

    Now I dont recoment this

    1. Because its Microsoft Hack that doesnt help but instead limits user and other cracks to changing the registry key in the future

    2. It doesn work

    3. Send infinite loop logon screen

    4 This is how I got out of it

    a. Load in to second OS if u have one or get a live cd of some os and replace exe in oobe folder in windows with something else

  142. zerofirefox Said:


    I user windows universal Anti Product activation patcher 2.1.5

    the Win Key + U
    then in Narator
    click small Comp icon in the top right corner
    click link to microsoft web site
    (this can be treaky but play with it and look for the blue link)
    wait for it to load
    Go to file open
    navigate to windows dir…
    find regedit
    right click open(run if you have)
    and now undo changes made

  143. zerofirefox Said:

    almost forgot
    fuck microsoft biiiatchhhh

  144. zerofirefox Said:

    now its time to fix registry

  145. URFunny! Said:

    People, read some of the other posts before you keep thanking this guy! After 30 days, Bill will take over. He didn’t get to be where he is by being stupid!

    Funny how many people are thanking God for pirating software!

    Wonder what happened to all the posters since it is more than 30 days for many…maybe, they are too embarassed to return here to confess they have egg all over their faces. 😉

  146. Stuart Said:

    This is the funniest post on this page:

    I used it on a 2003 Small business server, the activation is not done, but i have 120.492.439 Days time before my Windows expired. I can live with that


  147. Me Said:

    i’ve already did it, it seems to be workin just not to display windows activation. At last, it didn’t REMOVE the activation. After 30 days i was unable to do Win key + u to enter in Windows cuz everything was grey, deactivated. I was obliged to reinstall the whole system.
    Does someone have an iidea about after 30 days?

  148. Jake G. Said:

    Right it DOES NOT Work, it sucks. It works on some old computers though, I will give you credit for that.

  149. Linuxhead Said:

    This crack doesn’t work. I went ahead and installed Winbloze (virtual machine) and the crack appears to work. I set the date ahead to November and restarted and was promptly locked out of the machine.
    …that and the /oobe/msoobe /a doesn’t work either.

    It’s a nice trick tho!

  150. Moudy91 Said:

    thank you man your a genius

  151. paul massey Said:

    This crack doesn’t work i went through all processes but still the same thing it’s gives me the same message at the start up any one help plzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

  152. Me Said:

    the best idea is 2 install xp pro it lasts forever 😉

  153. RIP7Makaveli. Said:

    kill kill it works but if i pops up in 30 days or whatever
    im gonna be snappin my ass off, thanks bra, peace out..

  154. jango Said:

    Thanks a lot…. Its working

  155. tiger Said:

    i can not change the timer, failed, anyone can help?

  156. andrea Said:

    that’s awesome!!
    you’re the man! thank you so much…

  157. Nikola MKD Said:

    Thank you men you are GENIE. I will recommend you to every man I know in Macedonia and around.
    Sincerely Nikola

  158. Nikola MKD Said:

    tiger Said:
    on December 7, 2009 at 8:55 am

    i can not change the timer, failed, anyone can help?

    Just go step by step and if it cannot try to start windows in safe mode pressing F8 and than try same step by step

    Thanks again to this article

  159. nigel Said:

    doesn’t work after 30 days when machine is shutdown windows needs activating but because of hack above no option to enter keys ! for me anyway…..

    • Andrea Said:

      I had the same problem. I shutdown well after 30 days and now get stuck in a loop where it says ‘you need to activate before you log in’ and then if I hit yes it says you are already activated and returns me to the previous window, and so begins the endless loop. I need to retrive my Outlook files!

  160. kennyH Said:

    it worked, thanks dude!!

  161. Ekstreme Said:

    LooooooooL:| it works yeaah thnx

  162. balblabalba Said:

    Sorry dude. Doesn’t work. Tested with server 2003.
    Activation window shows that it’s already activated ,but system says it’s not (when setting bios time +30days forward).
    Nice try though … Solution must be however in the registry .. You’re getting close ,but don’t underestimate ms guys … It’s gotta be an encrypted key in combination with product key somewhere …

  163. wu is me Said:

    I can confirm that this won’t mess around in any malicious way with your registry, as all it does is replace the key of a non-genuine version with a carbon copy of one from a genuine version. Check for yourself!

    Great find, many thanks!

  164. romz Said:

    how come when i got to windows NT icant c the WPAevents using window home basic original

  165. Chandra Said:

    Thank’s you very much….

  166. waseem Said:

    Thanks a lot for providing information as this is very helful.
    I appreciate your work and the time you have spend on this to find it out.
    Well i was able to fnd the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents in Windows-XP but i am unable to trace WPAEvents in Windows Vista Home Basic.
    Kindly do the needful.
    Awaiting for your reply..

    Thanks and Regards,
    Ganaie Waseem

  167. Elle J Said:

    Amazing – I had a crack – and it didn’t work on my computer only on my laptop – so going into the Registry and fixing it works GREAT!!! – so much better than risking getting a virus from downloading another crack. GENIUS

    R-E-S-P-E-C-T You Rule!

  168. Monsterz Said:


    • Harshad Said:

      I got the same prob, windows got locked after 30 days.
      So then what did u do?

  169. Eugene Said:

    Thank you so much….i really appreciate this. It worked for me. Thanks again.

  170. Cyberhost Said:

    Thank you very much… tried several mthods, but this one is simple and found effective….

  171. OMG Said:

    I bet this is useful for me also!
    Before my windows licence key was geniune I wondered what happened but this time when I put my licence key my licence key was fuckingly blocked damn them coz I need the the word processorat school the only choice was this one thanks!

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    suuuiiiitttttttttt. it worked like magic

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    i fing thr and whr but i cann’t found this
    at last again thx

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    It works

  176. YCE11 Said:

    Gowtham Said:
    on December 26, 2008 at 9:40 am

    Yeah it just makes the activation alert to be disable. But it still runs on the background. This is not a permanent FIX.

    I finally found a great solution for this. Just download this crack and run it.. Hurray!!!

    Although the first solution, i never try. I try the above one. This alway work for my computer. Thanks alot.

    • karlos zero Said:

      Thanks Bro, I tried all the cracks,serials, regedit entrys and nothing. U’re the best

  177. Abtugwbango Said:

    Not bad…
    For a ROOKIE that is!
    only kidding!
    Well Done! – _-


    this is the best solution ever!!

  179. Robert D. Jr. Said:

    FYI to all. I just ran this in a virtual machine, and it doesn’t work. This was tested on a fresh installation of Microsoft Windows XP Professional with a slipstreamed SP2 (service pack 2 was included on the installation CD). The installation ran in real-time, then the virtual machine was shut down and the clock detached from the host. The time was advanced one year, and the VM was started again. When the primary user logs in, the user is asked to activate. If the user declines, the user of logged out.

    Your results may vary, but this article is quite old, so I would look for a more probable current solution. Microsoft did a lot of work on SP1a to guard it against piracy. As a result, it appears this fix doesn’t work at least for SP2 users 😦

    I realize there have been many posts pro and against, but I wanted to do my own homework. I hope this helps some of you that are stuck and trying to move on to something that works.

    • Andrea Said:

      What did you do in the end? I unfortunately just shut down and now I can’t log back in (I run XP on Parallels in OS X). I need to access my files! I don’t know what to do…

  180. Len Said:

    The bypass is a temporary solution.I followed the timer change advice and after 30 days was locked out.Then used F8 to gain access to safe mode.The used windows and U key to access to web. Ultimately I found solution at—-“”Gowtham Said:
    on December 26, 2008 at 9:40 am

    Yeah it just makes the activation alert to be disable. But it still runs on the background. This is not a permanent FIX.

    I finally found a great solution for this. Just download this crack and run it.. Hurray!!!

    This works and you must run crack after installation a new service pack but this way to youhave full control over windows again.Regardless I am getting legit copy because I scared myself s..less

  181. lea Said:

    it worked for me. thanks

  182. Ngutsav Said:

    This is terrific. It worked fine. Kudos guy(s) and thanks so much.

  183. Justin Said:

    It works but their is a trick….

    30 day timebomb is still there and when those 30 days are up you won’t be able to logon….. since I log on and it says do you want to activate Windows now and I click No it will logout or Yes and it will login with only the Activation screen saying Windows is activated. Only option I can choose is OK and it will log me out.

    I’m using the Narrator hack so I can use my PC right now. Windows Key + U and then click on the Microsoft Web Site link to open up a browser.

    Then x:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe
    x is the drive letter of your Windows HDD installation. Most likely C
    So if it’s C its C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe

  184. Ankur Gupta Said:

    i m not able to find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents and oobetimer

  185. Adam Said:

    Well first of all thanks alot
    as it seems only the anoying popups has gone
    now whats left is the WPA itself i still got the msg to activate my windows while i restart
    anyway hope u got any idea or a new solution….
    or its just the way it is anyway waiting for an answer
    thanks alot…

  186. Hacko Said:

    People, This DOESN’T work it just get rid of the pop up’s for a period of time, the timing still runnig in the background and you gonna HAVE to activate your copy no matter what.

    There’s is plenties of cracks out there…

  187. Hacko Said:

    ^^^ opssssss LOL

  188. Dave Said:

    do u know how to do it for windows 7 cuz it doesnt have the WPAEvents folder

  189. my friends this doesn’t work….it just removes the pop up of the activation timer…..when seven days are left from the 30 days the windows asks for the key on every restart….so this info given is nothing but shit!

  190. Welshmike Said:

    I got suckered to do the registry change on a virus infected desktop I’m restoring for a friend.
    I took the precaution of backing up the registry before being suckered.
    I’ve restored the registry and string OOBETimer is now
    A8 D6 8B BB 9C E5 C3 6C 24 E9 5C 38
    so that the activation notice reappears.
    I have 28 days to do the activation but the PC has no connectivity so that needs to be fixed soon.

  191. hobbykiosk Said:

    dun do this trick frenz, like other say, this trick only remove the pop up, go find at google, type this WPA Killer, choose the safety one, i will not show u the links, but you have to choose yourself, please be carefull, some WPA Killer have trojan/rootkit and else, thx.

  192. jefri Said:

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    can i know your email..
    i have problem with proxy,i can’t acces facebook…hehehe
    tks before



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  194. jason Said:

    try this program.

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    Atlast windows its activated now by playing arond with registry lol Thanks for the Soln.. Peace..

  196. hk Said:

    Works good but only for 30 Days

  197. johan Said:

    Thanks for this but as all said this only stops the 30day reminder. I have worked out a way and posted it on my website You have to do the same but need to do one more thing. I will show you

  198. Arif Wibisono Said:

    logon screen still appear with message :
    “This copy of Windows must be activated with Microsoft before you log on” Do you want to activated now ?”

    Please Help me to solved this probelm in XP Home Edition …


    • Andrea Said:

      Any luck on this?

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    Worked like a charm… real genius solution… Wonder How did u do it?

    • Justin Said:

      Unfortunately, windows stopped working for me after i changed the date to few days later the actual expiry date, had to go through the trouble of reinstalling windows and loosing out on my data

  205. jake Said:

    omg man worked so well its so cool still cant believe it ty ty ty

  206. Lin Said:

    This worked temporarily and now tomorrow my windows will expire.

    How do I override this? I tried doing this method over again, but it didn’t work.

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  209. Guest Said:

    HEY, this guide only removes popup it DOES NOT REMOVE ACTIVATION ITSELF.
    To Admin: Please correct your topic, as it covers Remove Windows Activation POPUP, not the activation itself.

  210. LOL Said:

    Like dudes. make sure you deny perms for system for this registry folder or else it wont work and stuff

  211. LOL Said:

    and if your past the 30 days and you didn’t do this right. you will have to do a windows repair using the OS cd after the windows repair u will have another 30 days and stuff

  212. WHS worked Said:

    THX, works too with Windows Home Server 2008 PP3,

    nice crack

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    Hi, thnx for help, my problem was a special XP Tablet edition from HP (normal XP CD media does not work here). So works fine also for XP Tablet PC Edition!

  216. works like it says, no longer asked to activate winxp by phone! 5 STARS!

  217. Miguel Said:

    Thank you

  218. Dhanushka Said:

    I ‘m work as an IT administrator in Colombo. I usually install window XP original version in our company PC’s. I activate windows from the Dongle. Now I don’t need to use Dongle. I think this is the best way active windows operating systems. Thanks ………

  219. Rakesh kumar Said:

    I must say that this is an awesome resolution to such hectic and like a nightmare prompts.

    I really appreciate these things.

    Thanks a lot dear.

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    Well Done. Thanks so much. It was really annoying me. I owe it to you.

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    perfect!!!!!works just fine.

  223. stealth35 Said:

    You may also prevent MS applications (for example, IE or WMP installers) from checking the authenticity of your activation by blocking connections to

    (build a loopback to localhost -your comp- in your system HOSTS file -edit with notepad-)
    This makes anything requesting an outgoing connection to “” from your computer to be driven back on it: the connection and it’s data request will obviously fail. And so your Windows XP installtion will remain fonctionnal.

    This is just a suggestion, I’m not giving any walkthrough neither support on this.

  224. Jackass Said:

    The only intelligent, useful advice on this entire page from stealth35 on Aug. 1, 2010. Thank you!

    All the other people falling all over each other thanking the writer will be wringing their hands once the time runs out! hahahaha…

  225. Greg Said:

    Thank you, stealth35. That worked like a charm, unlike the band aid fix all those misguided people are thanking the blogger for!!

  226. rod Said:


    Thank you for the suggestions but can you please post here on how to do that the build of a loopback to localhost.

  227. tatoolatt Said:

    Hi guys,

    Here is the Anti which is able to crack the window xp Activation.
    No need to change any Registry Value it will do it itself.

    Info Usage:

    1) Download the file (below the link)
    2)unzip the .zip file
    3)Double click and run “AntiWPA3.cmd”
    4) At cmd hit “Enter key” when it ask
    5) It is work like Magic ( your window has been Activated with no message and nothing pop up 100% work)
    6) go and check the status of registration ” it is done”

    Here is the link to download the “Anti” at hotfile

    Any thing just drop me message and i do also have AntiWPA for window Vista and Window XP 🙂

  228. Katie Said:

    Oh this worked wonderfully!! Thank you so much!!

  229. Melina Said:


    Can you tell me how the Genuine XP hack works?
    What rights we deny to the system and what exactly did we do?

    I have tried many keys and patches I found online, but none of them worked.

    The only one I didn’ try is the one that make the computer think it’s starting in safe mode.

    The reason I don’t trust it is because I think there could be security problems.

    Does your hack work the same way?

  230. tad Said:

    Thank you! YOU! Are the best!

  231. tatoolatt Said:

    Sorry for my late reply 🙂

    Yes ! It is definitely worked i have tried it.

    1)You press F8 when you loading the window
    2) Go to safe mode ( Safe mode only)
    3) You continue in safe mode
    4) Just double click the AntiWPA3.cmd
    5) You are finish cracking the Geunie XP

    Don’t worry about the security issue. I have tried it

    Please drop me the email while it is solved 🙂
    Appreciate for your email


  232. Parm Said:

    This solution worked successfully on windows server 2003 Sp2 Standard Edition.

    Here’s what I did to make it work for me –
    After making the recommended changes, restarted the system, got pop up window for activation reminder. I selected activate now. It took few seconds for system to realize that it is already activated and I am able to log in and gain control of the system as usual as before.

    Thanks so much for this wonderful approach to windows activation. Short, simple and sweet.

  233. It works!! Thank you very much.

    I use it to activate a Windows 2003 Enterprise Server X64 R2

  234. VINOTH Said:

    it works… Thank you Very Much…..

  235. Yup Said:

    😦 Deactivates the PopUp on 2k3 R2 but not the activation need.

  236. DFDFD Said:

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    thanks bro

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    With Windows Vista Enterprise Edition, I’m unable to find (WPAEvents). Kindly help me how can i activate windows. My email address is

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    Can any one tell me the exact and time saving method of Windows Vista activation method? Kindly mail me at

  239. tony Said:

    youre da man!
    you rock bro it worked..

  240. Richa Said:

    Hi….i am able to use the Narrator to open my browser, but am unable to get windows.exe to run…whenever i try to open the file, i get the message that DAP has added the link to queue…am unable to access the registry and the task manager….is there a way out of this? please help

  241. Aijaz Ahmed Said:

    Dear All,,

    Please solve my query, With Windows Ultimate Vista Business N Edition, I’m unable to find (WPAEvents). Kindly help me how can i activate windows. My email address is

    Please provide me the alternative solution.



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    Works like a charm..

    Thanks so much, ryan2k

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    With Windows Vista Enterprise Edition, I’m unable to find (WPAEvents). Kindly help me how can i activate windows. My email address is

  244. irontoaster Said:

    This has SEEMED to work for me… o.O; I haven’t tried Windows Update though.

  245. […] I don’t like this whole activation thing because of privacy. This post shows how to bypass it […]

  246. A Said:

    I tried this on a freshly installed XP Pro SP3 computer and it works like a charm. Though I should mention that I followed this other step first:

    “oobe/msoobe /a” tells me XP is already activated *snickers* muhaha

  247. edzel Said:

    thanks for that amazing tips. ur a truly genius.

  248. well, i have troubles installing windows7 on my PC. maybe i need a bios update or something -‘.

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    thank U very much

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    This worked for my Win XP Pro SP3 install cd 🙂

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    WOW this is STUPIDLY easy, WTF wre u doing M$, work on server 2003 as well

  256. paul Said:

    i dont have WPAevents in the “CurrentVersion”…. what will i do now?

    • I am Poor Said:

      Paul read step 2 again (at top of page) I did the same thing, there is a similar HKEY but its not the right one.

  257. Susan Said:

    This doesn’t work. I still get the perompt. “Windows needs to be activated” ….. Windows is already active on this computer” ….. locked uped or start all over. Why is this an on going issue w/ windows. I have payed for 3 new disks and nothing.

    • Andrea Said:

      What was the solution? I am stuck in the same loop.

  258. Liz Said:

    I would love to try this hack but, when i follow HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents, there is no WPAEvents and when i search I cannot find the string OOBETimer. Any ideas?

    • I am Poor Said:

      Liz read step 2 again (at top of page) I did the same thing, there is a similar HKEY but its not the right one.

  259. onifilip Said:

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  263. mc Said:

    i cant fin the ‘WPAEvents’ … its the only thing from preventing me to go to the next step…

    • I am Poor Said:

      Nik read step 2 again (at top of page) I did the same thing, there is a similar HKEY but its not the right one.

      • I am Poor Said:

        Sorry MC not Nic – I need glasses

      • I am Poor Said:

        Opps spelt NIC NOT Nik really need glasses I do

  264. great my fried. thank you so much.

  265. Bob Said:

    Amazing!!! My key used to work, no problem. I haven’t reformatted my harddrive in years, and now I thought it was time. I installed XP Pro, and then the key wouldn’t work. I called the number and entered that huge key only to be told I had a bogus copy! WTF??!! I think they do this so you buy a new operating system I went online and tried a dozen different keys posted online, and nothing worked. Then I found this…
    No more crap from MS!!!! fck you MS!

  266. ahmed raza Said:

    please tell me that fill the deny box or not

  267. bada Said:

    god bless you.

  268. mike Said:

    This only gets rid of the activation prompt screen. It does not officially activate windows. The timer is still active. I cannot log into windows! Thanks thought for the neat trick. Not working all the way for me.

    • I am Poor Said:

      read what I said above and I am onto 4 months now

  269. Gax Said:

    This Registry is what I already have in my windows vista basic and its already expired, i just saw it in Safe Mode. Pls does any one the registry crack fro Vista Home after it has expired?

  270. Vilgax Said:

    Excellent post dude; it work for me over a expired WIN2K3 O.S.
    If someone wants to know, it works using remote registry editor (other machine – server – in the same domain)…

    As previous post said… so simple, secure and better than any other so called “patch”

    HUGE THANKS!!!!!!

  271. Phil Said:

    This worked for me until the activation expired, now I can’t get my computer running except in safe mode. How does this crack help if after 30 days you’re screwed. Does someone know how to get around this and get my computer running again. I have windows xp professional. and it is a paid copy that I bought about 7 or 8 years ago. MS is a criminal organization.

  272. Dante Said:

    it worked for me too for a little, now it says i have to activate on 7 days and it will stop, what can i do… besides re-intalling?

  273. Vrushal Said:

    It’s really works man thanks for the solution

  274. FOOLS Said:

    This Post is Bullshit!
    After 30 days you suck!

    The real one who works is this:

    It works even after the 30 trial days, enter with F8 in Safe Mode and run the file!


    • Joshua Cabrillas Said:

      DUDE! Is it okay to run it before the 30 day trial?
      i only have 4 days left before the trial expires. then i found you!
      so what I do is install it immediately and yet it WORKS!. is it alright or what? thanks in advance

  275. Tom Brokaw Said:

    After 30 days I WAS SCREWED! this bullshit cost me so much time. i had to reinstall everything and write to companies to get a new key for a number of programs.

    This only removes the windows activation screen for the 30 days and then you cannot get back into windows, only safe mode. And you can’t upgrade (if you buy a new windows operating system like i had to do) from safe mode! you need to do a clean install if you want to use your computer again. this guy who posted this is HAVING A HUGE LAUGH AT OUR EXPENSE! I bet it was Bill Gates who made this post.

    • Mr.Brutality Said:

      have yo tried FOOLS Post? its working dude….try it?

  276. lgnawi Said:

    Fucking awsome !!

  277. tracy Said:

    um hey i did this like 2 months ago and it did great but now it is telling me to do the same thing and one day it would not even let me log into my computer so i thing i am going to have to put windows back on there

  278. I Am Poor Said:

    Well I did have a post on here – (user name I Am Poor see some leftover comments above) BUT someone has deleted my how to remove all the windows shit that I put on here – after years of no problems with XP I posted here to help XP users, XP which is fucking years old so why do they care – its like buying a secondhand car, the makers still want you to pay them as well. So I might put it back on here every month just to piss off the dude that took it off!!

    • Andrea Said:

      What was your comment? I cannot login to Safe Mode (running XP on Parallels and FN+F8 is not doing anything). I need to retrieve files at a minimum…

  279. The Soobe Said:


    It seems to work, maybe u don’t know how to do it correctly.
    I’ve applied another patch called antiwpa3.dll, that copies a dll to system32 but it’s no more working because when you restart the computer it asks for a activation again…
    In this mode, the pop up of activation don’t appear and it seems to be activated.

    I think that it will work on a w2k3!

  280. Observer Said:

    Pure BULLSHIT!!!

  281. petrova Said:

    you’re so jenius.. thx a lot

  282. Vijay Said:

    Hi, I am using windows7 Ultimate. WPAEvents is not there in my windows7. please help.

  283. nimoo Said:

    i did this fix about a week ago, after i reinstalled windows xp to my computer and tried to put in my genuine product key (that then got rejected and told me it was actually not genuine, but windows is stupid and the key came directly of the cd)

    point is i did this fix, and i am still getting a prompt when i restart my computer about activating windows you have six days left etc, counting down the days.

    This fix did fix one of the prompts and it says that my windows activation is activated, but for some reason i am still getting this alternate prompt.

    Any ideas?

  284. Sheikh Said:

    Man thats wonderfull excellent … keep it up many folks will pray for your success and hope you will keep this work alive by free of cost.

    Thanks man
    May God Help you

  285. russ Said:

    thanks..still working..BRAVO

  286. William Said:

    ok so i completely deleted the Reg Data In WPAEvents and i think that may be the solution, OOBETimer was one of them i deleted as well.

    now when i click on activate windows it wont even pop up.
    so i think it may work, im going to wait the 30days and
    see if this will indeed work.

  287. terensu Said:

    this is great! it works!

  288. i activated windows xp home but still windows to keep on asking you validate it everytime in start up….

  289. JHUNX Said:


    • surewin Said:

      Don’t go there ask you to pay by mobile phone and send lot of tracking txt files real FUCK.

  290. I already tried those steps. unfortunately, when i check on
    1. start
    2. All programs
    3. Accessories
    4. System Tools
    5. System Information
    6. (look at) Activation status (in center column at 4th lines) indicate that reduce day by day)
    Please help…………..!

    By Tgk Amri
    Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam – Indonesia

  291. Paradox Said:

    This is a bad idea. The fix does not work.

    in my case windows thinks its activated but still placed a timebomb. windows cannot activate because it thinks its activated. Can’t log into the machine at all from any mode.

    I’m going to have to restore from backup. TweakNT works better….

    • 300 Said:

      Man, this is the best:
      AntiWAT v3.5.1 [Based in AntiWPA 3.5.0] [x64 and x86]

  292. Joe Blow Said:

    I just wanted to explore Server 2003 with an evaluation version on Virtual Box and this worked! Terrific! Thanks!

  293. piex Said:

    i have follow all the step that u have told…and it work very well….but after 30 days…before i log on to ….it notify me to activation before 7 days….any solution…

    • surewin Said:

      let me tell you I did just transfer OS winxp HDD 40G to 500G and new HDD come out WGA warning less 3days only

  294. Joe Z Said:

    If you do this and get locked out except for Safe Mode later on, there’s another trick. Put in your XP load up disc and in the “Support” folder find a folder called “Tools”. Unzip or extract the cabinet file there called “” into a folder on the C drive. Run the “Sysprep.exe” file. Choose the “Factory” option. Never clk on the “Reseal” button, just close the Sysprep each bootup.

  295. I savor, result in I found exactly what I used to be taking a look for. You have ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

  296. bintang Said:

    thank’s a lot, i have searching it along time, with your way it works this time, but i don’t know how to keep it like this,
    Thank you Very Much

  297. Gulshan Kumar Said:

    Dont go for this its totaly fake after the trial period your system would not work please dont do this . if you had done this please remove it because after the expiration of trial period you cant do any thing

  298. Gulshan Kumar Said:

    If you want to se the result just change your system date…….
    you will see the result……

  299. Mondy Said:

    why can’t i find WPAEvents on the REG edit????

  300. Kerala Said:

    വളരെയധികം നന്ദി.

  301. Mohamed Amine Said:

    Thanks a lot for the tip it really helps

  302. Madhav Lolla Said:

    I cant find WPAevents in ……WindowsNT/CurrentVersion

    Mine is Vista Business 64bit

    someone help please…….

  303. ofinet Said:

    Thes same with me, I can’t find WPAEvents in Windows 7 Ultimate.

  304. Zvone Said:

    Great dude. THANKSSSSSS

  305. keno Said:

    Wow. It worked. 😀 youre such a blessing ! Thank God!

  306. afri Said:

    windows emg udah aktif… tapi udah beberapa minggu, ternyata waktu logon muncul pesan windows must aktif…. masa aktif 7 hari, setelah saya abaikan selama 7 hari, tenyata windows tidak dapat digunakan lagi…
    gimana solusinya ni gan. mohon petunjuk..

  307. setto123 Said:

    thanks a lot men!

  308. Packiyaraj Said:

    I used this method… Wow. it worked. Looooot of thanks to you!

  309. Stass Kiddo Said:

    I cannot find WPAEvents. I’m using windows vista home basic. Help me, urgent..

    • JoeZyzyx Said:

      regedit program has a search capability in it. Just put wpaevent in it and find it.

  310. I cannot find WPAEvents. I’m using windows 7 ultimate.Plssssssssss Help me, urgent..

    • Rhamkzie Said:

      me 2.. i cnt find WPAevents im using windows professional

  311. Majid Said:

    its worked thanks for your sharing.

  312. kikzky Said:

    hello there…

    1.Open your regedit RUN > REGEDIT
    2.Find key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents

    i followed this but i can’t find this things (WPAEvents)
    i need some help.
    thank you in advance… more power

  313. Michael Said:

    I cannot find WPAEvents in Window 7.
    Using Regedit program also cannot find.
    Please help.
    Thanks a lot.

    • dead Said:

      this “”patch'” is not for windows 7 windows vista it disables the oometimer and you have 30 silent days before it finaly locks out anyway dont mess with registry unless u KNOW!! what the registry does it realy can kill ur windows install..teporarly ^_^ windows xp is no longer suported so buy new hardware or switch to other solutions like linux,debian,unbuntu,android,pick a choice and s©rew mi©ro$oft

  314. aman Said:

    the best way u r great man

  315. Said:

    When you’re locked out you can still access your account by booting into safe mode and logging into your account.

    No passworda

  316. Victoria Said:

    i got to the current version folder so far
    i’m looking for WPAEvents
    and its not on the list 😦
    What do I do??

  317. bob long Said:

    i have spent months and had to rerun windows numerous times. i had all but given up. you are a god send, thank you so much.

  318. mizo Said:

    ten thousand thanks for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  319. Morphea-sama Said:

    You´re a GOD!!!
    Althought I saw hour ago a similar youtube-tutorial to hack this STUPID anti-piracy activation product, it didnt really worked for me (well… maybe it was succesfull, I dont know – because I couldnt confirm it with the “windows xp is already activated”-message, it didnt load after the hack) BUT NOW… everything worked as it has to!! THANKs a LOT!!

  320. Lizardo Said:

    O0000000000wwwwwwwwww MmmEEeeennnnnnnnnn………!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  321. Baley Said:


  322. Matt Said:

    Hey guys, So I worked up until the WPAEvents but found windows activation technologies and under:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Activation Technologies\AdminObject\Store\55c92734-d682-4d71-983e-d6ec3f16059f\d2c04e90-c3dd-4260-b0f3-f845f5d27d64 I found NumberTimesNonGenuine

    and I was wondering if this can be replaced with the content from atop. Please send me an email. Thanks.

  323. kelley Said:

    i did this about 30 days ago on my windows 2003 server r2 x64 and it seemed to work great, but now it is saying “your windows product must be activated within 5 days. do you want to activate it now?” when i click yes it says it is already activated. now what?

  324. Conor Said:

    HI, I followed the steps and when I checked to see if windows was activated, it said it was. However, when the 30 day trial ran out I can’t get into windows. It says I need to activate it and when I click yes to activate, it says it’s already activated but logs me out. If you could help, that would be awesome! thanks!

  325. Victoria Said:

    I’m having the same problem as the 2 people that commented on top of me. Please help!

  326. awimarchello Said:

    thanks for sharing this tips. it is so awesome!!!

  327. kelley Said:

    i tried this and it failed, instead i downloaded this and it solved my problem

    • Rick Said:

      This is the real shit right here, Thank you Kelley, dont even fuck with the regedit shit, you will be reinstalling windows shortly.

  328. EL Said:

    you are good man!! keep up the good work…I am from Belize Central America

  329. passenger Said:

    omg this thread is hilarious xD

  330. Clint Said:

    You are awesome…What a simple registry tweak. You know your stuff. i’ve been a tech for 3 years and have always fought with this issue when helping clients reinstall windows xp when they don’t have their original disc and the product key sticker is destroyed. You are a saint. Bless you and keep up the good work!

  331. parshwa shah Said:

    no bad words to give you! you foolish idiot rascal!
    if you get me i would do pakoda of yours and eat!!!!!!!!

  332. danilo Said:


  333. Gaseous Snake Said:

    I tried this, and I don’t know if it worked or not.When I try to activate my XP home it does say it’s already activated.However it appears to still be counting down.Is it going to get to zero and not let me log on?

  334. nice one my wpaevents was missing so used the command prompt to get it sorted cheers mate

  335. Joel S. Said:





  336. Joel S. Said:





  337. Joel S. Said:





  338. Joel S. Said:





  339. renzie Said:

    OK brainiacs, if you are saying move your calendar ahead 30 days to check if it worked why not just set it back in time to fool the pc

  340. Shiekh Dawood Said:

    Thanks dude

  341. Solomon Said:

    Thanks genious.

  342. manish Said:

    I am trying to do this, infect several time done but same notification comes for window activation,

    1. my desk top was not starting .
    2. i was not having same window xp cd. so i have inserted”Reinstallaion CD of Microsoft windows xp pro SP3″
    3.I tried this method of OOBE , eneted several time this 2 digit codes & followed all the guided points.

    4. after doing so same Activation key is poping up & i cant see any of Icon on desk top,
    5. I con can see only in safe mode.

    Please help. same command it is not taking, i think i require some different patch.

    • Bobby White Said:

      Or you can email me and I’ll get you a copy of any windows version you want with key, very cheap, to reinstall, without formatting, so none of your files are lost.

  343. dbitch Said:

    EMAIL ME @,, i’ll give the cure..the solution on top doesnt work..

  344. Prince Said: doesn’t wrk for me…using windows xp

  345. Prince Said:

    when i try to log in…a pop-up comes up that says I need to activate the windows activation in microsoft before i can log on

  346. tarobo Said:

    U R the best! This is amazing. tried it on win server 2003 and I cannot see the activation link anymore! Thanxx

  347. fox3h Said:

    So does this work on Windows XP Media Centre? & if not, is there any other way to get rid of the “you need to activate windows in 30 days” problem?

  348. bloodred Said:

    No trouble at all, simple, worked like a charm.. thanks a lot

  349. shanila Said:

    thank you so much

  350. Pate Said:

    I cudnt find the WPAEvents. Pls help me out

  351. Pate Said:

    I cudnt find the WPAEvents. Pls help me out now

  352. meomeo Said:

    thank you very much it woooooooooooorkeeeeeeedddddddddddd

  353. omer Said:

    it works Great ! hope it don’t expire after 30 days 🙂

    • Bobby White Said:

      What you really want to do is email me and I’ll get you a copy of any windows version you want with key, very cheap, to reinstall, without formatting, so none of your files are lost.

  354. Goutham Said:

    Friend you are really great no words for ur knowledge… hatsoff…..

    • Ben TenTen Said:

      I followed you instruction to the letter, but it stopped at CurrentVersion\, there is no WPAEvents, to be found.

  355. fred Said:

    Hey, Cool,
    I rolled my calendar ahead 30 days–Now my computer is totally hung up. I can’t even try to activate XP without error messages. Time to nuke the hard drive. Huuyyah

    • Andrea Said:

      any way to retrieve files from a locked out machine?

      • kelley Said:

        i was able to get access to my computer with this problem by starting it in safe mode with command prompt, then typing “explorer” (without quotes) + enter which started windows in safe mode. but i still have not resolved the overall issue.

    • Andrea Said:

      OMG you’re a life saver!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  356. andrew Said:

    can this be done in windows 7 64 bit

  357. GLQN Said:


  358. Mahta Said:

    Hi , I found key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion but there is not any WPAEvents can u please tell me what should I do now?

  359. This work for me. My hp compaq displaying 22 days remaining for activation is now clear yippy.

    • Isaacs Kalii Said:

      After the 21 days have elapsed post herein if you’re still able to log in 🙂

  360. Miron Said:

    Hi guys….i ‘ve tried all of the above ‘hacks’ on my computer and still comes the activation REQUEST up after 30 days and i can”t even logon in normal mode except safe mode.Its shows Windows is already activated….but still can”t access my computer.I”m using xp sp3…..can someone convince me for once and for all that there is something that really WORKS….. PLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZ

    • Khalid Said:

      enter the cd windows xp sp3 and restart your computer and dont do new install do the other and see if that would do the trick.if not email me to delta361 at juno com

  361. Isaac Smythers Said:

    You are amazing. It works now. Thank you. 🙂

  362. Dez Said:

    it did work on my Xp sp3.. i ran the oobe/msoobe /a . and it said i had 42,737,926 days to activate!

  363. dreb Said:

    the best answer for people like me,. its like a magic wooh the best 😀 thanks man more power

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  366. Silviu Said: few others have said before, we’ve all wasted few hours looking for ‘the fix’ but none worked. Great job dude, congratulations and thank you very much! 🙂

  367. Suresh Said:


  368. janet Said:

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  386. tim Said:

    there was a way to set clock back to I believe it was aug 8, 2003…then run the activation delete , restart and then return date back to present….it worked for my older xp pro/an old crack I had found, but I have since lost that info, I dont remember the steps… maybe will work the same for x64 edition and others…anybody here remember that one?..

  387. tim Said:

    this one seems to be working though on xp pro x64,I hope it doesnt reappear…activation now says “already”……thanks!!!!!

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